Aimed particularly at seniors in the area, we invite you to come and drop in from 12.30 to 15.30 to our Good News Café to enjoy a light lunch together, the company of others of like mind, and the opportunity to make new friends and relax.
There are also other activities in which you are welcome to take part:

A summary of September's events is below:

5 September

12:30 Light Lunch
13:20 Book Club

12 September

12:30 Light Lunch
13:20 Film Club 

19 September

12:30 Light Lunch
13:20 Activities

26 September

11:30 Service of Holy Communion 
12:30 Roast Lunch
13:30 Entertainment

For more details of the after-lunch events see below:

Email and the Internet

Has computer technology and the internet passed you by? This café activity is for those who are completely baffled by the skill and finger speed of their grandchildren. New technology is great for communicating with far-off family and receiving their photos, videos and messages. The local major supermarket can take your order electronically and deliver to your door. Keep in touch easily with friends, church, and social groups.
Well, believe it or not, the tablet computer has been designed for people such as you. But don’t take our word for it, come and try it out with our calm and patient one-to-one help over a cup of tea and a cake!

Book Club

On the first Thursday, read a current book and join a discussion group.

Film Club

Once a month, on the second Thursday, we show a film on our big screen. The films are light hearted musicals and dramas. We start with a short introduction to the actors, director and background to the film and break for an interval to join the Good News Café for tea & cake. After the film we will discuss the beliefs and values the film conveys and what we think of them. Come and enjoy the cinema experience in the comfort of our café!

Gentle Mobility

Want to feel fitter? We can show you easy exercises, done sitting or standing, which can improve your movement, your breathing and make you more flexible and feel good. Usually once a month, check with the Church Office on 01344 844946 for dates.

Group Bible Study

We also offer the opportunity for Bible Study and to seek advice and prayer for any worries or problems you may have.

Roast Lunch

imageAt 12:30 on the last Thursday (except December) of each month join us to enjoy a traditional English roast lunch with a glass of wine or fruit juice followed by dessert and coffee.  This is preceded by a short service of holy communion at 11:30 in the church.
If you don’t have transport to get to the Good News Cafe do us or call the Church Office on 01344 844946 a day or two in advance and we will do our best to help.