Our next Alpha Course will run in September 2019.

We have a patten of church courses throughout the year.  This January 2019 we will be running Christianity Explored.  Please click on the Christianity Explored link in the Courses drop down menu.  If you are interested in the Alpha course please email us on

Our Next Alpha Courses start in September.

We are delighted to offer a Monday evening or Wednesday morning course option.  In addition we will run Alpha at Merlewood Nursing Home on Wednesday afternoons.Course dates and times are as follows:
Monday 19:30-21:30 starting 10 September  
Wednesday 09:30-11:00 starting 12 September  
Wednesday afternoons (Merlewood) 14:30-16:00 starting 3 October          

What is the Alpha Course?

Alpha is an informal and relaxed ten-week course designed to help you explore the big issues we all think about and discover the basic of the Christian faith. You can find out more by visiting the Alpha Course website

Who is the Alpha Course for?

It’s for anyone who wants to consider what Christianity says about the meaning of life.  You don’t have to profess any faith to benefit from this course, just a willingness to explore.

How is the Alpha Course run?

The course is run in small groups with discussion based around a DVD presentation.  No-one is forced to contribute, you are welcome to bring your questions or to sit and listen.    

What happens at Monday Evening Courses? 

 We meet together at 19.30 for a light meal and a chance to get to know other people on the course. If you can’t make it for 19.30 don’t worry, we won’t begin the course until 20.00 and we’ll gladly set some food aside if you wish. The evening concludes at 21.30. 

How do I join one of the courses?

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