Baptism of an Adult

We provide opportunities during the year, usually in warm weather, for those who come to faith in Jesus Christ to undergo baptism by full immersion, sometimes called a 'Believers Baptism'.

Baptism of a Child

The Baptism Service (sometimes called 'Christening') assumes that one or both of the parents are practising Christians and also already members of a local church.
As evidence of this, and for the service to have any meaning for the church and family, we therefore expect:
  • One or both parents to be attending Christ Church regularly for at least 6 months before we explore the possibility of baptising their child. This gives them an opportunity to decide whether to become members of our church family so that together we can help their child grow to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour
  • If parents have little or no Christian background, we also expect them to participate in an introductory course exploring the Christian Faith.  This provides an opportunity for parents to understand the meaning of the promises they will be expected to make on behalf of their child.  If you'd like to start an informal conversation regarding this please contact our vicar
  • Baptisms always take place within the normal Sunday morning services so that the Church family can share in the promises made with the parents and Godparents to bring the child up within the Christian faith
  • Parents and godparents are expected to be able to respond truthfully with the words in bold in the Baptism Service liturgy
If you wish, you may download a copy of the Baptism Service (pdf)

Service of Thanksgiving

The Church of England offers an alternative Service of Thanksgiving for parents who do not feel able to make the promises contained in the Baptism service or who do not wish to attend church regularly. The service provides an opportunity to thank God for the birth of the child, give the child a name and pray for the child and family.
This service can take place in the family home or at the Church within or outside of our normal Sunday service times.
If you would like more information on these options please get in touch with our Vicar, .


Our Baptism Policy was re-endorsed by the Parochial Church Council on 15 April 2014