Lent Course

We are delighted to invite you to our Lent Course 2020.

This will take place over 5 Wednesday evenings: 4 March, 11 March, 18 March, 25 March and 1 April.

The format if each evening is as follows:

7.30pm arrival and refreshments

7.45pm Course commences with prayer 

9.00pm Evening finishes

We are thrilled to be able to offer three teaching streams this Lent.  There is no charge for the Lent Course, it is totally free.  All you need to do is decide which teaching stream you would like to follow and come and join us for the 5 weeks.

The different streams are described below:


TRACK ONE – from sinner to saint – Holiness

We will explore together the meaning of holiness, how it is possible, and how God is going to bring it about in our lives. We will be challenged to persevere in this path, warned of the distractions and pitfalls along the way, and see afresh how it connects to God's great and good plans in the new creation.

Format: 5 video sections with discussion questions.

Click on the image below for a preview of the Holiness stream.



TRACK TWO – on Poverty, Justice and Caring for Creation

Based on Ruth Valerio's book 'Say Yes to Life' and the accompanying Church of England Lent resource. We'll look at the

beauty of God's creation and how it points us to him; and at the threats to that creation now and how they link with overcoming poverty and injustice. We'll be thinking about how to be aware and active on climate change at a crucial moment in history and how to hold on to God's love, joy and peace while we do.  

Click on the image below to see a brief video from Ben who is leading this stream.



TRACK THREE – 5 days from idolatry and addiction

This course will explore the biblical view of who we are (in our fallen human nature) and who we could be in Christ. We will  particularly think about addiction in our lives, yes, maybe drink, drugs, sex etc. but also, addiction to popularity, success, social media, body image and so on. This will help all of us struggling in these areas, but also, provide ways to help others who you know who are struggling. Click on the image below for a short video on this topic, from Simon who will lead this stream.